Your donation goes directly to benefit people who need medical treatment. Unlike many charities, MACLA’s administrative overhead is minimal averaging less than 4% per year comprising secretarial work and mailings. Everything from office space and computers to warehouse space is donated.

The medical personnel traveling donate money for travel and expenses. Maja Liggett, who is MACLA’s chief trip coordinator, donates her time, which is significant.  All of the medical and lay volunteers donate their off time, weekends, holidays and vacation to this effort.

Surgical and medical firms as well as pharmaceutical companies donate equipment, instruments and medicine.  Hospitals and surgical centers throughout the United States as well as other countries donate anesthesia machines, monitors and other surgical supplies.

Over 800 individuals, companies and foundations have made cash donations, without which necessary equipment and medications not donated could not be obtained.

As a result of everyone’s commitment to MACLA’s cause, it is estimated that the cost is less than $500 per patient operation.   The cost for total care of an infection, wound or other medical problem is less than $30 per patient.

As you can see, a small donation can make a noticeable difference in the lives of people in the Dominican Republic and Bolivia.

Right now, children are being turned away from medical care in the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. Because even more resources are required to provide for their medical/surgical care. MACLA can use your donation immediately.


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